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Some planning goes a long way to:

  • Secure the future of your loved ones and provide you with peace of mind
  • Avoid issues and family conflicts after death.
  • Organize assets as well as protect them.
  • Utilize revocable trusts for a cost effective and faster, easier post death settlements.
  • Plan for business succession and transition.
  • Name guardians for minor children to avoid contentious, intrusive and expensive guardianship proceedings.
  • Have power of attorney documents in place to assist loved ones with their financial affairs without the risks and unintended consequences of using joint accounts.
  • Also have power of attorney documents to avoid expensive and intrusive guardianship proceedings for emergency health circumstances.
  • Have up-to date healthcare power of attorney and living will for healthcare decisions.


Ann Vano Law, specializing in:

  • Wills
  • Trusts
  • Family and Charitable Gifting
  • Estate Tax Planning
  • Living Wills and Health Care Directives
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Estate and Trust Administration
  • Will Contests

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